Don't act like you are about to die
"You can recognize a person who's in love. Their eyes are fixed upon the person." You will find a lot of stuff here, with no order whatsoever. Cause I like a lot of things, ship everything and belong to a million fandoms. Mildly NSFW .Enjoy your stay (●⌒∇⌒●)
What if, after the titans are killed, Eren goes to Levi and says, "Not all of them are dead." and looks him straight in the eye and well u get where i'm goin w this


you know, while i dig the angst and levi killing eren and then himself for the whole angst/tragic-effect as much as the next person… i like to think levi would say fuck the military, fuck the popo, fuck errbody and whisk eren far, far away where they can live a peaceful life herding sheep by day and fucking by night till dawn.


u can still be thug as hell even if you cry everyday right


What a fucking nerd
–Me talking about someone I love (via roxoah)
What advice would you give to someone who wants to grow up to be you?


  1. Create things instead of just talking about it. You don’t need the latest whatever gizmo or process to start. You don’t need to plan everything in the universe. You’re just scared and procrastinating by “working”. That’s cool. Everyone is scared in the beginning. Start making things right now.
  2. Reading tip lists is a great way to make yourself feel like you’re being productive. The sad thing is that by the end of the list you haven’t created anything. But I need to know what so-and-so did. NO, YOU DON’T. You need to see what you do. Start and FINISH and huge project. You’ll learn what works best for you by the end of it. After you finish, go back and read that list. You’ll realize how little of it actually applies to you and your process.
  3. FINISH. Finish what you start. Always. You’ll learn more from finishing than you will from quitting and starting that sexy new project that just caught your eye.
  4. Cut shitty people out of your life completely. They’ll get over it. If they don’t, they don’t. Who gives a shit? Try not to break any hearts, but don’t ever let someone else’s feelings rule your own. Keep moving forward and don’t waste your time on nonsense.
  5. You’re only on earth for a limited amount of time. Every day that you waste is a day you’ll never get back. You will die. Better make that time count.
  6. Understand that salt water taffy was a gift from the gods.
  7. Drink lots of cold-brewed iced coffee out of a steel straw.

Good luck!



Reading sixpenceee’s posts makes me question my existence sometimes

existence? how do you really know you really exist? how do you know that my blue is the same as your blue? at what point in our evolution did consciousness develop? what really happens when we die? most importantly where are all the sour patch parents?